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2018 application now online.

Art Market has established a reputation as an excellent marketplace for high quality art and craft.

The 2018 sale features over 200 artisans from across Canada exhibiting over four days in Calgary, Alberta. Space has been reserved for new exhibitors. Art Market is searching for talented artisans to participate in this year’s event.


Thursday, November 15th through Sunday, November 18th, 2018


Wednesday, November 14th: 7:30am to 11:00pm


Sunday, November 18th: 5:00pm to 11:00pm


Thursday, November 15th, 10am – 9pm
Friday, November 16th, 10am – 9pm
Saturday, November 17th, 10am – 6pm
Sunday, November 18th, 10am – 5pm


Grand Exhibition Hall – 30′ Ceiling – One level – Column free space.
Calgary Telus Convention Centre, 136 – 8th Avenue S.E., Calgary, Alberta


A substantial promotions budget projects excellent saturation of the Calgary and area market. Newspaper, television, radio, direct mail and email are all encompassed in the advertising campaign. Media representatives receive special attention. The admission fee to the public is $12.00. A $2.00 coupon is widely available. A weekend pass is available at no additional cost. Anticipated attendance is 22,000 based on previous years experience. The Calgary Telus Convention Centre has underground parking and is on the city rapid transit line.


With advance planning, accommodation can be secured in the $90.00 to $250.00 range. A block booking will be made at a moderately priced hotel with different level of price options.


Carpeted Aisles / Shopping Bags / Sale Guide / Move-in and move-out assistance / Exhibitors’ Lounge / Silent Hour Security / Booth Relief Service / Limited Storage Area


Applications are accepted as of mid December and booth assignment takes place April 1st-15th. Apply early! Notification of standing will be sent by May 1st and not before. The completeness of your application is a consideration in the jury process.


If not accepted, your deposit will be refunded in full. If accepted and you choose not to participate, you will forfeit your deposit. Once accepted, you will receive a contract and a request for a cheque postdated to August 15th for full final payment.


Booths are draped and include a draped table, chair, and a 1500 watt outlet. All booth prices are subject to 5% GST.


10' × 10' $1300.00 $1500.00
10' × 15' $1900.00 $2100.00
10' × 20' $2500.00 $2700.00

Centre Aisle: (Limited availability)

6′ × 10′ $1200.00 $1325.00
6′ × 15′ $1750.00 $1875.00

Priority given to new vendors: (Limited availability)

7′ × 10′ $1100.00
*Only aisle booths are available with 7ft depth and to first-time artists ONLY


Art Market provides steeply discounted shipping between Circle Craft, Art Market, and One of a Kind (prices subject to reasonable change):

Circle Craft to Art Market – 1st piece $16/sq ft, additional pieces $13/sq ft

Art Market to One of a Kind – 1st piece $22/sq ft, additional pieces $17/sq ft

*Weight does not affect price!


Request a demo space on your application. An additional 5′ x 10′ of space can be added to your booth for an extra $175.00.


Art Market is open only to Canadian art and craft. All applicants will be submitted to a jury process. Considerations for acceptance include originality, marketability, quality, uniqueness to the Calgary marketplace, and overall exhibition balance. Commercial kits, molds, dealers or agents are not acceptable. No more than two media per booth is permitted. All articles to be offered for sale must be approved. The applicant must be the creator. If accepted to Art Market, you cannot participate in another Calgary craft sale on the same dates without prior approval.


The completeness of your application is a consideration in the jury process:

  • Completed Application Form and detailed Declaration of Authenticity describing process
  • $200.00 deposit payable to Art Market Productions AMP Inc.
  • Five printed photographs that are representative of the work to be sold.
  • Corresponding retail price list.
  • Maximum of five digital images saved at 300 dpi suitable for publication that will not be returned.
  • One photograph or digital image of yourself at work in your studio.


Send your completed application form and all necessary materials to the following address (use ONLY Canada Post for your submission):

Application Processing:

Art Market Productions, A.M.P. Inc.
565 Tralee Crescent
Tsawwassen, BC V4M 3R9

Attn: Nichole Windblad


Toll Free: 1-877-929-9933
Fax: 1-778-434-3156