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Even Design

JUDI WORKS IN THEMES. HER THEMES DEVELOP OVER TIME AND THROUGH WHIM After 9/11, with less work coming into town, it left a lot of free time on my hands. I had a big list of ideas I wanted to try out. On top of the list was the idea to take a level and make it into a piece of jewellery – a reminder for my friends to help keep them balanced...

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Entwood Turnings

ERIC AND EDNA WANT THEIR BOWLS TO BE FUNCTIONAL AS WELL AS A WORK OF ART Eric Munshaw began working with wood in 1974 and bought his first lathe shortly after moving into the Chilliwack Valley in 1983. He uses woods with unique grains and markings salvaged from private land and exchanges finished bowls for the wood he is given...

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Mined reCreations

ALL MINED reCREATIONS ACCESSORIES ARE HANDCRAFTED FROM RECLAIMED GARMENTS Joanne creates one of a kind handbags inspired by the elements of cubism, the desire to create a really great purse, and her stewardship of the planet. Her company is driven by her compassion for young people in developing countries in need of funds for education...

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Kari Lehr

Kari is endlessly fascinated by the textures and layers which are found not only in the landscape, but which comprise our relationships with each other and the mental and physical environment in which we live...

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Bruce & Laura Nyeste

MUD, SWEAT & TEARS IS A FAMILY-OPERATED POTTERY STUDIO IN SORRENTO, BC. Bruce and Laura have been making unique, high fired, wheel-thrown and hand-built functional stoneware and porcelain for over 35 years. Originally, Laura rented a potters wheel after taking a night course in New Zealand to "play" at home...

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Terry Wolfert & Teresa Fischer

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB TO RELIEVE THE STRESS OF YOUR OLD 9-5ER, YOU MAY WANT TO TURN TO FAIRIES FOR HELP. This is what Teresa Fisher and Terry Wolfert did, and they didn't regret their decision. They were self-employed for about seven years, living in a two-bedroom condo in Richmond Hill and working in Employment Services. During the recession of the 1990's, they began...

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Kari Woo

DOES CRAFT HAVE A FUTURE? I WOULD SAY YES, IT ABSOLUTELY DOES! WE ARE IN FACT AMIDST A CRAFT REVIVAL – PERHAPS EVEN A REVOLUTION!Craft is historically linked in developed countries to political and social movements that have resulted in changes to the public conscience. For example, the Arts & Craft Movement in Europe in the early 1900s (ie – Wiener Werkstätten in Vienna), or the attitudes of the 1960s and early 1970s...

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Discover Art Market

Discover Calgary’s premier craft event, designed for Christmas gift giving and the discerning collector. Art Market is proud to present its 31st lineup of extraordinary artisans, in Calgary for four days only!

200 Canadian craftspeople gather downtown at the Calgary Telus Convention Center for just four […]

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31st Anniversary Celebration for Art Market

From forty display tables in 1986 to over 200 artisan store fronts in 2017, the much anticipated Art Market is celebrating 31 years this November 16th through November 19th at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre.

”Art Market has come a long ways in 30 years,” says […]

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Diane Proulx

DIANE IS AN ESTABLISHED GLASS ARTIST BASED OUT OF OTTAWA, ON. Being environmentally conscious has been part of me for a long time, really ever since I was a teen and volunteering. I already knew kilns very well as I previously worked in clay. Then one day someone gave me a couple of old windows...

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